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Blog Post # 15

 Finish and a Start Race Line
Reflection on Week 1

In my very first blog post I wrote about how I want to teach my students how to effectively revise papers by grading other students work. I also said that I wanted my students to be able to write about anything they wanted to write about as long as they were writing. The last thing I said was that I wanted my students to be able to tell me if they disagree with my teaching methods and if they think we should do something as a class. When I look back on this I still agree with all of these statements in my first week and I hope I will be able to teach them effectively.

With that being said EDM has changed how I plan on doing this. Before this class I never even considered using blogger for a way to write and read, but as I was reading over my post I kept thinking to myself "well blogger can help this" or "blogger would be good for that." So I am going to keep my teaching methods of what I want to be able to do however, I am going to add that I want to use the tool blogger in these methods. The reason being is that a good way to read other students work is by reading  and grading a blog post. Also that when writing a blog post students can literally write about anything they want which will hopefully get them excited about learning. Finally blogger uses technology which I am sure that students want to use in class so they will be guiding my classroom. This is why blogger is so amazing because it literally fits all three of my techniques and is in one simple package.

Final Reflection Video

Friday, April 26, 2013

Project # 11 Short Movie

Blog Post # 14

Teacher Knows If You Have Done the E-Reading


Student reading in a libraryThis article is about online books that tell the teacher how much the student actually reads of the book. The way it works is the book is online and every time a student reads it documents it. It also documents how many times a student highlights something or if they skip pages and how much time they took on each page. The theory is that this will give direct feedback to the book and the teachers on what the students are reading in the textbook and what ideas the students think are important. The theory is this will also show teachers how much time and effort students are willing to put in to their class. With this technology of being able to keep track of how much homework students are actually doing it should give the teachers valuable feedback on what they need to change in their teaching, and what students are actually putting in effort.

Thoughts as a Teacher

My thoughts as a teacher is that I like this idea because it allows me to see which students of mine are putting in the effort, and whether or not students grades directly correlate with how much they read. I also like this idea because it not only encourages my students to read but it also forces them to analyze and highlight what they feel is important information. So, as a teacher I absolutely love this idea it allows me to be able to show that if a student is doing bad it's because he is not doing the reading, it teaches my students how to read critically, and it shows me who is actually dedicated to learning the material.

Thoughts as a Student

As a student I absolutely hate this idea. The reason being is because what does it matter how much I read as long as I do well. In the article it talks about how if students are doing well without reading then maybe the teachers should toughen up, how is that fair for me as a student. It doesn't matter how many times I have to open the book to learn it, could be once could be 25 times, as long as I learn it, it shouldn't matter the time I put in to it. As a student I also don't like this idea because I think that teachers will hold biases towards students who don't read and highlight as much as other students, which isn't fair to the student. If someone is naturally smarter than someone else they shouldn't be penalized for it.

Questions for Teachers

My first question would be, how do you prevent kids from just opening the book to make it look like they read when they could be playing video games? I think this is an important question to address because as a concern for all schooling cheating is a major problem. The next question I would ask is, would it matter to them if a student was doing well but the report showed that they were not reading? I think this also is an important question because it shows whether the teachers actually care about the students or just the grades.

Questions for Students

I think the main question I would ask the students is , do you think that with this system it is taking away their freedom as college students? College students pay theirs and their parent's money to be at college. Which is an environment that teaches young adults how to be responsible with all of their freedoms and in choosing whether or not they want to do something. I would also ask that if students thought that this style is leading back to high school learning where every one checks to make sure you do your work? Being in college teaches students how to get things done for themselves and with this technology it is allowing the teacher to check up on them daily to see if they are doing their work.


My comment would be I both like and dislike this strategy. I think this is a wonderful strategy and allows teachers to actually see how much work students are putting in, but at the same time I think that it is taking away some of the valuable life lessons that college kids learn through independence. So I think that this is a fantastic idea for middle school and high school but not such a good idea for college.

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C4T #4

 The words Teacher Comments
C4T #4 Post 1

For this teacher I was assigned Will Richardson's Blog to the post "Playing Chopsticks With Technology." In the post Mr. Richardson starts off with a interview from Alan Kay. I did not know who Alan Kay was so I had to research him, and I found out that Alan Kay is a Computing Pioneer who has been working to create technology for over 30 years now. In the Interview it is asked wether having technology in the classroom will make students smarter, and he answers by saying it depends on the teacher. I thought that this was extremely accurate it doesn't matter how much technology is in a classroom if the teacher can't use it as well. He made a simile to a piano being put into classrooms, it doesn't mean we are going to produce more Mozarts, it just means that more kids will know how to play chopsticks. Mr. Richardson then goes on to elaborate by continuing to say that it is really up to the teachers to be technologically savvy because after all they are the ones who are teaching the technology.

C4T Comment #1

I commented on his post and I told him that I agree with him and Mr. Kay's ideas about technology in the classroom. That yes it is important for it to be there, but that it is even more important that we have people there who know how to teach with it. There was one part in his post where he talks about how he himself isn't near the level he needs to be on and I commented and said that I thought that he was very noble and humble by understanding that even though he can use a computer doesn't mean he is an expert at it. The more we learn for ourselves the more we will be able to teach to the future of our country.

C4T #4 Post 2

Mr. Richardson's blog was mysteriously taken down so I changed my teacher to Wesley Fryer whose blog is Moving at the Speed of Creativity. The post I commented on was Create an Online Radio Show with Spreaker DJ for Ipad. In this post Mr. Fryer talked about an I pad app where you can create, record, and publish a free radio show or audio podcast online. He added his screen cast video to his blog and I highly reccomend that you check out the app and Mr. Fryer's Screen cast.

C4T Comment #2 

I commented on Mr. Fryer's post and I told him that I thought it was a nice and inspiring post that he had created. the reason bieng is he is trying to tell the world about a solid free way to produce you're own podcast or radio show. In his post he also put another program that allows people to do the same thing and he said that these are now two of his favorite apps. I told him that I also liked the fact that he added the other program for people who might not of read his blog before and so that people will be able to compare them. I finished by telling him that I looked forward to reading more about what other tools he finds useful.

Project # 13 Collaboration

My group member and myself using face time
Face Time, Email, Google Doc, and Text Messages

For my two group projects, my group collaborated through text messages face time email and google docs. This was a pretty difficult concept discussing what we were going to do without actually being able to meet with each other. Face Time I think was probably the best tool even though sometimes the connection would be bad it was still the way we got things done. we used email because my phone does not have a screenshot button so my group emailed me a picture of the screen shot. Google Docs were effective because we chose which lesson plan we were going to do and then text messages were important because we used it to collaborate what time was best to do both projects. If someone would have asked me if I could do two projects with two other people and only meet up with them to film it. I would have never thought I would have been able to do it before EDM 310, but I was able to and I think they turned out really well.
Phone that says one message receivedGoogle Docs Image

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Final Report on PLN

My Personal Learning Network

At first I thought I was just going to do my PLN to make Dr. Strange happy, but I actually use it a lot it's a good way to keep everything I use on one page and I can just click on any icon I need and off I go. I think I have definitely expanded my PLN in the four short months that I have been in EDM310 and I know that by the time I become a teacher that it will be exponentially larger. I'm glad I was assigned to do this :)

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C4K April

Child writing on a chalkboard
C4K # 9

For my ninth C4K I was assigned to Carly C who is a forth grader in Bellevue, Nebraska in Mrs Geldes' class. In her blog she wrote about Nebraska the state she lives in. I was very impressed with how much information Carly knew about Nebraska, she was able to talk about local attractions and she knew the state bird. The local attraction she discussed was the Henry Doorly Zoo. She talked about how her favorite part is the gorillas and how if you antagonize them then they will charge into the glass. She said that one day she is scared the glass will break and all the people will be in trouble. She also describes the weather in Nebraska as being hot in the summer in cold in the winter even though on March 24th it snowed. I commented on her blog and I told her that I was impressed with how much information she knew about the state of Nebraska and only being in 4th grade. I also asked whether she liked summer or winter better. I urge everyone to read Carly's Blog and leave a comment, because I think it is important for young students to get feedback from places all over the world.

C4K #10

For my tenth C4K I was assigned to Jessica who is a 4th grader in Mrs. Morris and Ms. Jordan's class at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia. Her blog post was on  Easter and how much she was excited for it to be here. In her post I thought she did an impressive job with her grammar and word usage considering she is only in 4th grade. I also like the fact that she asked a couple of questions in her blog as well to try and get a couple more comments. I commented on her blog and told her that I liked Easter as well and that my dad and I always go golfing on Easter. I also told her that I had received Wreck-It-Ralph as a present and then asked her what she had received  All-in-all i think she did a great job and i definitely think everyone should post on Jessica's Blog.

Project # 16 Final Project

Project #15 SMARTboard Instruction part 2

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Blog Post # 13

Brian Crosby Back to the Future

Rainbow WaterfallBrian Crosby's Back to the Future is a video that shows how important it is to educate students in a way that they will find motivating and entertaining. The video is about the projects that Mr. Crosby does with his 4th grade second language at risk students. The main project he focuses on is where his class made a hot air balloon and attached a camera to it when the let it go. This to me was an extremely neat idea, the thing that I thought was the most interesting fact about the project is he assigned his students to write a story as if they were the hot air balloon. I think this assignment was great because not only did it teach the students about science, it also taught these 2nd language students language arts as well. The main point in the video is that Mr. Crosby wants educators to realize that not all students are able to go to the best schools where they produce the highest test scores. However, all students should be able to go to a school where they will have the ability to learn in a fun and motivating way.

Blended Learning Cycle

In the Blended Learning Cycle Mr. Anderson describes how he tries to teach in his classroom. His method revolves around the five E's: Engage, Explore, Explain, Expand, and Evaluate. In order to use this cycle Mr. Anderson came up with an acronym to help teach with the cycle. The acronym is QUIVERS. The Qu stands for question, this part is very important to Mr. Anderson because with anything we do it is to solve a question. The second part of the acronym stands for Investigation, the process of finding out the answer to the question. The third part stands for Video Mr. Anderson posts a lot of his assignments and comments through video to allow for him to spend more face time with his students and help them answer the question through video and person to person. The E stands for Elaboration, this is a big part because students need to be able to elaborate on why the answer to the question is actually the answer. The R stands for Review, In Mr. Anderson's Review process he sits down with students and asks them detailed questions about why certain things are the way they are and why the students think that is. This is the most important part of the acronym because what Mr. Anderson does is he make his students explain to him the answer to the initial question, which in his theory and in mine, someone really doesn't know something until they can explain it to someone else. Finally the S stands for Summary Quiz, which allows other teachers and principals that the students are actually learning the material. I honestly think that Mr. Anderson's approach is a wonderful strategy, mainly because of the review portion. When he said that someone doesn't actually know something until they can explain it to someone else, really made me believe in his system because he won't allow his students to move on to the summary quiz until they have completed the review portion. So I definitely am going to try and incorporate at least some of the blended learning cycle if not all of it into my classroom.

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Progress Report on Final Project

Report Card
Final Project Report

For my group, July 16th group, we have decided to do Option B which is to create a 10-15 minute video to help prospective students learn about EDM310. Our group is doing fantastic already we have already discussed what each member is going to do and we already tried filming once but our volume didn't work. So we set another date and we will be finished in plenty of time.

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Blog Post #12

Two people drunk drivingMy Blog Post Idea

For this assignment I decided that I think that this class should have had an assignment where the students use the internet to find out the dangers of an important topic. Such as drinking and driving, not practicing safe sex, obesity, or gun violence etc. The reason I think this should have been a post is because we are in college and I think it is important for students to do research on their own and find out the facts for themselves. Also, since I plan on being a high school teacher I feel like It applies to them as well.

My Post on My Idea

sign that says don't drink and driveSince April is alcohol awareness month I decided that I would do the dangers of drunk driving. So when I was looking up statistics online I found a website called MADD and it is a pretty cool website that has a bunch of statistics and the option to be able to tweet any that you think are worth hearing. On the site it says that "over 1.41 million drivers were arrested in 2010 for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics." Which I thought was ridiculous that over 1.4 million people were arrested even though there are commercials all over TV and billboards warning people about drunk driving. The next thing I thought was interesting was the site said "The average person metabolizes alcohol at the rate of about one drink per hour. Only time will sober a person up. Drinking strong coffee, exercising or taking a cold shower will not help." I think this was a very important statistic because I know a lot of people believe that certain things can sober them up when in all actuality it can't. I also like this quote because it tells people that one drink takes an hour to metabolize therefore, even though you might feel fine after ten minutes you really aren't. The last statistic I am going to talk about is "In 2010, 211 children were killed in drunk driving crashes." I thought that this was absolutely absurd that 211 children were killed because people thought that it would be ok to drink and drive. That someone would rather risk a kids life then pay a taxi to take them home. I think that if people do this assignment they can find out more facts for themselves and hopefully it will make people think twice before they do something that can not only danger themselves but other people as well.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blog Post #11

Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom
Globe coming out of a computer screen
Mrs. Cassidy is a first grade teacher in Canada who is teaching first graders the importance of technology, and is allowing the students to have fun while learning. In her video First Graders in Mrs. Cassidy's Class she records her students telling about what they learn in the classroom as first graders. The video is really neat it made me understand that these kids genuinely enjoyed learning about this kind of stuff. I also like the fact that she allowed the students to do all of the talking that way it adds more legitimacy then just her preaching about blog posts and wikis.

 Information Coming out of a computer towards a person
In her Skype Interview she talked about some of her techniques she uses in her classroom. The one I will probably use is Blog posts. Being an English major, writing and reading is extremely important. So, when Mrs. Cassidy says that just writing and reading blog posts has improved her kids literacy I definitely think that is something worth doing. I also like the fact, which Mrs. Cassidy points out, that my students posts will be read by people all over the world. This way students can become more excited to write for an audience instead of trying to write for just me. I think though if I land in Mobile County that I might find it a little difficult to get the school board in on it as well. So instead of maybe blogging during class time I will make it a homework assignment and that way I can still teach what the school board wants me too. I think the benefits of this approach will allow students to become better readers and writers, allow parents to be able to follow their kids success whenever they have free time, and hopefully allow Mobile county to realize that maybe teaching with technology is an idea worth trying.

C4T #3

Chalkboard with Quote and a math book
Post #1

This C4T assignment I was assigned to Michael Kaechele, who is a teacher in Michigan. His blog is called Concrete Classroom. In his post he was talking about how he was offering local teachers information about PBL (which is project based learning) and asking for advice on how to make himself better. In his post he said that he was struck to find that all the cared about was if PBL was going to help their students pass tests. Which even as a student myself I can agree that this is a terrible attitude to have when it comes to teaching. These teachers don't care if their students learn all they care about is whether or not they look good at the end of the year. I commented on his blog and I told him to keep up the hard work and hopefully people will start to realize that PBL can help students actually learn not just help them be able to pass tests.

Post #2

I went back to Mr. Kaechele's Concrete Classroom blog and he has now moved his blog to a different website it is still called the Concrete Blog it has just been moved. In his newest post he wrote about the importance of teaching about racism. He says that he hasn't taught his kids about racism yet but it's because he doesn't think they are ready to form their own opinion. He feels like if he assigns it that the students will just use the opinions that their parents have instead of developing an opinion of their own. I commented on his post and I told him I understood his dilemma, because we want to make sure that our students think for themselves especially on big issues such as racism. I also agreed with him that it should be taught as people overcoming adversity and standing up for their rights like the founding fathers did. It shouldn't be taught like these are important black people who did stuff, it should be taught like they are important people it doesn't matter that they're black. I definitely am glad that doctor strange assigned me Mr. Kaechele because I enjoy his post and I recommend that other people read them as well.

C4K March

School Kids with their parents
C4K # 5

My 5th C4K assignment was on Jake who is a 2nd grader in Birmingham for Miss Carol McLaughlin. In Jake's blog he wrote about rocks and minerals. He said that he really like rocks and minerals and he goes on to say that there are different kind of rocks and minerals too, can you say future geologist. The most impressive thing in his blog though was the picture that he posted. It is a breathtaking picture and I would love to see it in person. For my comment I told him I liked rocks as well and one of my favorite places in the world is the Grand Canyon, and then I asked him if he has ever been. He hasn't written another blog for a while so I think some encouragement definitely might help him. So I recommend commenting on Jake's Blog.

C4K #6

My 6th C4K assignment I was assigned Julia who is a 6th grader in Waukesha Wisconsin, in Mr Seyfert's class. In Julia's blog her assignment was to make a creative writing story. Julia decided to make her story about a man whom had 3 wishes from a unicorn. In the story she describes how the man is greedy and asks for an animal who will give him more wishes. So a flamingo appears and starts to grant his wishes for all the riches in the world and a new name. The story ends with the guy receiving the name of Pa-ho. So in my comment I explained that I liked how she reiterated the fact that the man was greedy after he already asked for more wishes he in turn asked for all the riches in the world. I then asked why she chose the name Pa-ho and what did he receive with his other wishes. I thought her story was extremely well written and I encourage everyone to leave a comment on Julia's Blog.

C4K #7

My C4K assignment for week 11 was a girl named Kylie who has a blog in Ms. Lentine's class. In this post Kylie talks about how she misses Vermont. How it is so hot down here, yeah right. She continues by saying it makes her laugh when she hears people say it's cold because she says they have no idea what cold really is. She then says that her new school is really different but that she has still been making a LOT of new friends. I commented on her post and I told her that I thought it was funny that she said people down here have no idea what cold is, because my cousin who lives in Michigan says the same thing. I also asked her what her title meant it was titled BBFFF but I'm not sure what that means. I think you should check it out and maybe leave a comment as well on Kylie's Blog.

C4K #8

My eighth C4K assignment is on a boy named Jason who is in the 8th grade at a small school on the prairie in western Iowa near the loess hills. His assignment was to illustrate the words of christ. So Jason decided to illustrate Jesus's first miracle. What I liked about Jason's blog was he used links and he inserted his picture that he used to illustrate the words of christ. I commented on his post and told him I thought he did a fantastic job. I also asked him who was getting married in the wedding that Jesus performed his miracle at. I think Jason has a really cool blog page and I definitely encourage people to encourage him to keep positing. Also if you want to leave a comment here is Jason's Blog.

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Blog Post 10

Cartoon about cheap buying over expensive buying
Adventures in Pencil Integration

This picture is about two different brands of pencils. However I think the picture represents the two different brands in everything you can buy, for example a Mac or a PC. A Mac is going to cost more but it allows users to be able to use features that a PC doesn't have. While a PC will be cheaper but it might break more. Or another example could be when buying groceries. The off brand is going to be cheaper but it might not provide as many nutrients as the name brand items. Or fashion when people pay 50 dollars for a t-shirt, that t-shirt might be awesome but you can get a t-shirt that might rip a little easier for 10 dollars. So I think the Image just represents the choice between paying more or settling for less. 

Why were your kids playing games

In Why were you playing games it is a blog post that tries to show how schools are to worried about standardized tests scores and not actually learning. In the post he is in a scenario where his students are doing a simulation and having fun and learning. However, the principal calls him in and tells him that he thinks it is a game and he should stop. The teacher tries to explain that it is not a game like tic tac toe it is engaging the students and allowing them to learn and have fun at the same time. I think this post is a pretty comical way to address a real problem in the education system. In which all teachers and administrators care about is results on tests instead of the students. With little comical stories like why were your kids playing games, hopefully more and more school systems will try and adopt the student first not test scores first theory. 

The other post I read was Are Pencils making us narcissistic? In this post it is another story about how a teacher and his principal don't agree with how the teacher is teaching in the classroom. In the story the teacher is saying pencils but he really means the interenet. The principal is saying that he doesn't like the new way and that they should stick to the old way of doing stuff. The teacher however believes that it is better for the student to be producing for a larger audience. He finishes by saying it is essentially the same thing as when people used to write letters to their friends in the social network. The difference is this social network just allows students to write to more friends faster. 

Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?

Scott McLeod has a PHD., which makes him a doctor, and currently works as the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa. Also he helped create the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. His post is a sarcastic post that is about how he is telling teachers the disadvantages of teaching about computers. But he ends with saying go ahead don't teach your students but I will and we will compare where they are in ten to twenty years. I like the post because it stresses the importance of preparing our students by teaching them to be the most technologically literate they can be because we have no clue what will happen in the future. 

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Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung Volume 1
Nervous Teacher

I decided that since I really have no clue what to expect in my first year of teaching I would read Volume one of Mr. McClung's Blog. I really enjoyed reading it and I kind of want to read it before class everyday of my first year of teaching. He talks about how when he first arrived he was to worried about what people were going to think of him, which seems to be a big problem, and that it affected his performance trying to impress everyone. He said he learned that the key to being a good teacher is to let your audience guide you in the correct way. This sounds to easy but I think he is extremely right. You could be the smartest professor in the world but if your students can't learn the way you are teaching you will be a terrible teacher. The next point he goes to is to be flexible. Don't let your determination to have the perfect lesson plan get in the way of teaching. He said bad things happen and sometimes you have to stray off the lesson plan, but good teachers except this change and are able to change with it and still be able to reach the kids. His peace of advice is to change with a smile :). He said he learned that communication is a huge part in teaching not just with your students but with the faculty as well. He advises to communicate with everyone that a way people will be able to help you become a better teacher. He said he learned that teachers have to be reasonable. Every teacher wants to go in everyday and change a life but people aren't perfect so that can't happen. He says that when students don't meet your expectation don't get upset learn and change they way you approach teaching them. Another thing he learned, which I am learning right now, don't be afraid to use technology. Technology is there to help us teach and to make learning fun for students. Mr. McClung knows computers are difficult but he also knows that teaching with them has huge advantages. He gives the advice to listen to your students. That they are the ones you are there for so listen to what they have to say. He also says that the key to being a good teacher is to know about your students. The more you know about your students the more respect you will receive. Finally he says he learned to never stop learning. He says that we live in a learning environment so why not learn. After reading this post I think it is probably the best advice I have heard about being a teacher. I agree with Mr. McClung and I hope I can learn from his lessons.

Mr. McClung Volume 4

In this volume Mr. McClung said that he learned two very important things this year, and that they were to teach to who you are assigned to teach and never settle. I think these two lessons are extremely important because as I was reading them in Mr. McClung's Blog I was thinking to myself wow I feel like that is exactly what I am going to do as a teacher. The first lesson Teach who you are assigned to teach refers to how he tried to impress his peers when he was teaching this year. He got so caught up in how he thought the other teachers viewed him as a teacher that he forgot to be a good teacher to the kids and not just his peers. I feel like this is an extremely important lesson to learn because I feel I have the same problem now. I always worry about other people perceive me instead of doing the best job that I think their is. Reading this blog has hopefully made me realize that I can't be concerned with how other people view my styles, as long as they work that is all that matters.

The second lesson he learned, which I am scared this is going to happen to me, is he realized he was becoming a lazy teacher. He started using old lesson plans and not trying to figure out cool new ways to teach the material because he had already done it three times. I know when I get into a habit of things that I tend to stay in that habit especially if it has brought success before, but as Mr McClung found out that isn't fair to your students. Teachers should always try to improve their methods because that way students will realize that their teachers are working hard for them so the can learn better. Reading this blog post has taught me that no matter what we can't stop improving because if we do its not fair for the future.

Project #12 Book Trailer

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Blog #8

the beach
In Honor of spring break I decide to make my picture the beach

Richard Miller

Richard Miller is a professor at Rutgers University and he has two very interesting about writing in the multi media. His videos writing in multi-media talk about how important it is to start writing in the multi-media this way your writing will last and be able to be ready to be read a lot quicker. In his videos he shows how the multi-media works and exactly what all of the positives can be. In the video he explains about how if he were to write an article that it would have to then be published in a newspaper that would then only get delivered if a certain person orders the newspaper then might be thrown in the trash before it is even read. While on the other hand he could post it online and this way it will be ready to read in a matter of minutes and will be saved forever for anyone who wants to read it.

I definitely think I am prepared to write in the multi-media, especially if I want to make sure something can be read by anyone. writing in the multi-media allows someone to be able to link videos and sound to a project other than just pictures and text. With this advantage it not only allows the text to be more engaging but it makes the text get the point across in a clearer way too. With the multi-media it also allows for the up to the minute results instead of sitting and having to wait days or weeks to know what is going on. Anyone who is not prepared to write in the multi-media is not prepared to stay on top of facts with the quickest and most precise way of information.

I definitely will be teaching my students how to write in the multi-media. With me being an english teacher it is even more critical to teach my students the importance of getting their assignments online. This way they can have a bigger audience and hopefully will allow them to be recognized. Also the more that my students know about how the multi-media works the better off they will be in the future, which is ultimately where the employers of the future will be looking.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post 

Carly's Blog is a really good example of working in the multi-media. With her idea to create a youtube playlist of how to be a good teacher it is making people research and select videos online to stream something for the classroom. This is a wonderful idea it helps people understand that websites such as youtube aren't just for fun, that they can be used for a learning experience and to express what matters to certain people. I think Carly has really good ideas for when she becomes an english teacher and I definitely am going to steal the idea of having my students imagine themselves as characters and create their own autobiography. I think Carly understood the assignment perfectly and realizes the importance that multi-media visuals can bring to a writing that just plain text can't.

EDM310 Is Different

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies  are actually two pretty funny videos, that have a serious meaning. I enjoyed watching them because it was an example of every students reaction when they start this class. The videos are a funny joking way to get across the serious matter that to be successful not only in this class but in real life a person has to be dedicated and be able to meet deadlines not procrastinate and be responsible. If i had to make a video about EDM 310 I would like to do a before and after video. Have me before EDM 310 looking spiffy but showing up late to class and disturbing the class by answering my cell phone. I would want the teacher to say that we had something mandatory to do that weekend, but while I'm on the phone say, "oh no, this weekend yeah I'm free nothing planned." then have a montage of a clock and me stressing out over late work then at the end have an after EDM 310 where I look more tired but I arrive in class on time prepared turn my phone off and take solid notes. I think this would be a funny video but would also allow future students that this class will make you focus on school and teach you how to be an organized and scholarly student if you are willing to learn.

Learn to Change and Change to Learn

In Learn to Change and Change to Learn it describes the importance that we need to start emphasizing on education. The U.S. department of Commerce ranked 55 department sectors, and education came in last place. This absolutely blew my mind to know that education ranked last on this board. This video really inspired me to want to be a great teacher and to want to teach my future students not only to do things well but to find out how to do other things well as well. It really just got on my nerves that educating our youth which is the future of america came in last place on this ranking when it should be in the top 5 at least. I strongly recommend watching the video and seeing and hearing for yourself what the country need to do and as teachers what we need to do to make sure that our future is in capable hands.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

1) The social website I found was edmodo. It is a site where teachers and students can have a virtual classroom. I think that this website could definitely be useful in the future because I am planning on being an english teacher and the website allows you to have a class library. With this Library I will be able to share all the books I assign to my class online so this way they won't have to spend all of there hard earned money to buy them. Also this website allows the teacher to have a class calendar. I also think this is a good idea especially for high school students. I know that while I've been in college having a planned out syllabus has allowed me to better prepare for all of my classes so if my students will be able to know what assignments are coming up it will help reduce procrastination. Also this website allows you to create quizzes and assignments online so I will be able to assign online quizzes for homework or online assignments so no more my dog ate my paper excuses. All in all I think edmodo is a great website and if it is still around I will definitely try and incorporate it in my classes.

3) I found a website to create your own comic strip and I had a lot of fun with it. I decided to create a comic about my everyday life and how my mom is always trying to feed me.

a comic strip
5) So I created a poll on probably the most debatable question there is which drink is better chocolate milk or orange juice. I created the poll using and I really would like your feedback on my poll. At first I thought I wasn't going to like doing this scavenger hunt but I had a good time doing it and I'm glad that Dr. Strange added it to the course.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

C4T #2

Post #1

My teacher I was assigned is Greta Sandler, her blog is titled "About a Teacher." In her latest blog she writes about how great and helpful blogs are. She writes about how when she was at the young age of 9 that she would have long conversations with her great uncle about poetry. Then when she got older, for some reason she developed writers block. She goes on to explain that one day her friend, Pernille Ripp, asked her to write a guest post on her blog. After she wrote the post, she began getting bombarded with comments, questions, and thoughts. This is how her blog was born, and ever since she has been continuing to write posts and she claims it has helped her become a better teacher. This is the reason I really enjoyed this post, because it made me realize that blogs can not only be fun, but also help people learn.

an apple on a chalkboard with a quoteComment #1

In my comment I wrote about how when I was young that I didn't like to write, but once I hit college I enjoyed to like it. So I wrote that I'm happy that she found something that rekindled her interest in writing. I told her that her story made me realize that blogs aren't just posts on a website that for some people blogs can open up the doors to what they love and how to do things better.

Post #2

Mrs. Sandler unfortunately did not post since the last time I had checked so I went to the post before hand. This post was on kids teaching other kids how to blog. I think the best part of her blog was she had a bunch of quotes from different kids talking about blogging and how much fun they were having. The main focus of her post was telling that she was really excited and how excited her kids were about the idea of blogging. I definitely recommend everyone reads it. Mrs. Sandler's Class Blog

Comment #2

For my comment I just wrote about how awesome I thought it was that she had all of her kids comments on her post. It really showed how excited the kids are and where the kids get their inspiration from. I also told her that I wished she would have posted again because she hasn't posted in a very long time. I finished by telling her I loved her blog and that I was happy that I had a chance to read it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

C4K #1 Month Of February

C4K Kid #1

In my first C4K assignment I was assigned to NoelK from Around the World with Phoenix Kids K-2 Noel's assignment was to write a 100 word story about anything he wanted. Noel wrote about a kid finding a key in the frosty grass at the park, and the key ended up opening up a treasure chest. There were some obvious grammatical errors in Noel's essay but it was well written for the most part. In my comment I told Noel that I liked how he used adjectives to describe the key and the grass, and how the key opened up a treasure chest. I finished by asking him what type of treasure it was and suggested that next time he use some more adjectives, and describe the treasure as well. This is the link to Noel's story, I recommend you check it out.  Noel's Blog

C4K Kid #2

In my second C4K assignment I was assigned to Mikiya, who is Ms. McKeller's third grade class at Robbins Elementary in Prichard, Alabama. Mikiya wrote in her blog about how she loved her life. She described her family how she has 1 brother and 2 sisters, and then two more brothers on her dad's side. She wrote about her best friend, favorite food, favorite sport, and her birthday. I thought the most interesting thing in her blog was that she wrote that the person who inspires her is her teacher. This was awesome to me because I hope I am the type of teacher who inspires my students as well. In my comment for Mikiya I wrote about how I like how she loved her life and the common interests we have. I also suggested that she be more elaborate about her best friend and her nickname. I definitely think you should check out her blog and comment as well. Mikiya's Blog

C4K Kid #3
School Kids eating healthy food
For this C4K assignment I was assigned to Lukis, who is a year 5 student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ, and his teacher is Miss Lavakula. Lukis did a Google presentation in his blog where he talked about his favorite singers, things to do, foods, and video games. I thought that it was really cool that Lukis is already able to make a presentation and he is on in year 5. I also thought it was really neat that he goes to school in New Zealand, and that I am all the way in Mobile, Alabama leaving a comment on his presentation. I left a comment talking about how I liked the fact that his favorite singers are 50 cent and Usher. Then I asked him what his favorite sport is, because he said he liked playing sports but he didn't say which ones. I definitely think you should check out and comment on his presentation at Lukis's Blog.

C4K Kid #4

My Fourth C4K assignment I received a young girl named Brandi, she is in Mrs. Vannoy's first grade class at Nan Gray Davis Elementary school in Theodore, Al. In her blog post Brandi writes that she loves Mrs. Vonnoy and that she is sweet and the best. It just amazes me every time I am assigned a comment for kids assignment because each time I am blown away with what kids already know how to do. Brandi is in First grade and already has a blog, I didn't even know how to spell my last name in First Grade let alone know how to create a blog post. I definitely think anyone reading this she check out Brandi's blog and give her some encouragement to keep on learning, because if she can already accomplish this in the first grade her possibilities are endless. Brandi's Blog

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Randy Pausch at his last lectureIn Randy Pausch's Last Lecture he talks about the importance of childhood dreams, and the road to which we achieve these dreams. He wants everyone to understand that even though you might hit a brick wall that this doesn't mean you should give up. He says brick walls are there for a reason they help people understand that sometimes you have to work harder. He says that people should never give up and that sometimes you have to go through a bunch of crap to get to the gold. I think this is an interesting idea about life in general but also a good tactic for teaching. That as a teacher our job is to help these kids in anyway possible. So I agree that This is a very good ideal to use when teaching. That teaching kids that even though they might not succeed the first time doesn't mean they should give up. It just means they should keep trying.

One of the techniques he talks about is the "head fake" technique. all this is essentially is teaching kids how to do something while giving the appearance that you are teaching them something else. For example, Randy used the virtual reality world to teach his students. However he didn't tell his students he was teaching them how to use computer programs and how to create virtual reality settings. He told them that he was allowing them to make whatever they wanted that he was teaching them to be creative. As he did this the students in two weeks came back with results that were extraordinary. The students surpassed every expectation he could even think of. However he received some advice, and told his students that they were good but he knew they could do better. I think this was an excellent decision, it allows his students to always progress and to never just settle for what they think is good enough.

Another piece of advice that Randy was given and gives during his lecture was that people who yell at you and tell you that you're doing something wrong are worth listening too. He says that when someone harps on you it is a good thing because that means they haven't given up hope for you. It is when people stop telling you what you are doing wrong is when you should worry. I think he is absolutely correct. That advice should be listened to whenever it is given, even if it is bad you should still listen. I also agree that people shouldn't be discouraged when they are told they are doing something wrong, they should instead appreciate the fact that people still care and want them to do things correctly.

Randy explains that their is a correct way to tell someone something and incorrect way to tell them the same thing. For example he says that when he taught at Virginia that his dean told him no even though he had no idea about the project. Then his other dean told him that no he didn't know anything but one of his best faculty came to his office extremely excited so he should listen. Both deans told him they didn't know about the subject however one of them told him I don't know but let's find out. With this I don't know let's find out strategy he allowed his professor to get extremely informative information instead of just kicking him to the curb. Another instance is when one of his bosses told him that people think he comes off as pretentious and that it would be ashamed to have all of his ideas tossed aside because people didn't respect him. This was able to allow Randy to realize he was being a jerk and also allowed him to listen. If his boss would have told him, Hey you're a jerk Randy probably wouldn't have listened.

I am definitely going to try and incorporate all three of these strategies into my teaching. I want to use the "head fake" because this will allow my students to be able to learn how to do something, while they think they are just having fun. I also want to never give up on any of my future students. If I give up on just one student I might be the only one left who believes in them and without me they will never reach their dreams. I also think the key to being a good teacher is to be able to point out someones flaws in a correct and polite way so that they will listen to you. I think Randy Pausch made excellent points in his last lecture and I am going to do my best to implement them when I become a teacher.

Project 9 Progress Report

Progress Report

I would have to say my PLN is starting to develop very nicely I've already have some contacts and added some of the useful tools that, with the help of Dr. Strange, I have found. It is just the beginning and I already can see how my PLN organization and clarity is going to help. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Project #10

Teacher's desk with books and an apple, also a quote on a chalkboard
Finding The Right Tool

My major is Secondary Education, and English, So I decided that I would like to find a tool that could help mine and my student's grammar. The reason I thought this was a good idea is because I know the toughest problem I have as a writer is making sure all of my words are spelled correctly and that I capitalized all of my I's. Sometimes spell check isn't enough so as I was searching I came across this website At this website it claims that it corrects up to 10 times more mistakes then regular spellcheck. So as an English Teacher before any of my students turned something in I would suggest that that use this website just to make sure all of their grammar is correct. What makes this website great is because it not only just checks for misspellings but it checks for missed punctuations, comma splices, and it checks for plagiarism. So all-in-all I think this website is fantastic for not only English papers, but for all written or typed pieces in general.

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student

When I watched The Networked Student all I could think about was how teachers I have are already doing this for me, especially Dr. Strange. The premise of the video is that teachers should not lecture but instead should give their students tools, and let the students learn, on their own how to use these tools. For example The student is in American Psychology but instead of being lectured to he has a networked teacher. Which is a teacher that assigns work to be done by the student himself, on his own time. That the student has to go out and find which sources are important and what interests him. The teacher knowing that as the student does this they are creating a network of connections that they will be able to use for future projects.
people making connections with other people
The thing I like most about this blog post is that it explains step by step how to make these connections. Also it allows the viewer to see the importance of using these connections and technology to not only make studying easier but to become more intelligent. All-in-all I like the idea of a networked student. It allows the student to enter the real world in college and not wait until after they get their degree. What I mean by this is it allows students to learn how to find things out for themselves instead of having someone lecture in their ear how to do it. This way students find the way that works for them best and can reach out to their connections to explain or find out information they learned, or want to learn.

So to answer the question "Are you ready to be a networked teacher?" I think I am halfway there. The reason I say this is because I used to consider myself technologically literate but now that I have been taking Edm310 for 6 weeks I realize I still have a long way to go. However I do think that I can be a networked teacher and I think I can do it well. Every online class I have taken in my life I have made an A in. I think this is a good representation of my Time management skills, my determination to finish what I start, and my ability to meet deadlines. All of which I am positive that I will be able to teach my future students.


Watching the video on A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment I realized how easy PLN's can make things be. It has all of your resources on one page ready for you to click on at any moment. I also liked the video because a 12-year-old made the PLE, which is impressive but if someone who is 12 can do it I know I can do it. Comparing her PLE to my PLN, she has more tiles then I do, but I will start adding some more when I make more connections. I liked the video a lot though, because of the end really. She explains how online anyone can make something look creative instead of just artists. Also that using PLN's will cut down the use of pens and paper which is also good for the planet so pretty much they're a win win :). But On a more serious note I think the video was really informative and makes valid points on why a PLN can be useful to anyone.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blog Post #5

library in ruins
Krissy Venosdale

Ms. Venosdale, is a Gifted Ed teacher grades 3-6 in Hillsboro, Missouri. In her blog If I Built a School she talks about what the perfect school atmosphere would be like in her opinion. She says that she wants a school that has no curriculum and and that what grade you are in isn't determined by your age but by your ability. I think this is actually a really good idea, I think teachers shouldn't have to use a curriculum rather they should have guidelines not rules. In her school she also wants to focus on creativity. One thing that Ms. Venosdale wants to accomplish is a cool atmosphere for the teachers and the children. She starts off by saying that she wants to have a giant tree house in the library. Which I for one think is an absolutely genius idea. It reminds me of something that the magic school bus would have. She also wants to have an giant fish tanks in the hallways for students to be able to enjoy there studying. The last thing that stood out to me was that she wanted to give every teacher their own parking spots and let kids write positive messages to their teachers, so that is the first and the last thing they see when they leave or come to work. 

If I had to build my own school, I would have to steal a couple of ideas from Ms. Venosdale. I would steal the tree house and fish tank ideas. These two ideas are great because they make the students want to and enjoy being at school which is half the battle. Also if I could build a school I would focus on sports and getting students involved. I would have all the basketball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer games played during school hours. This way all the students could miss class on game day and support their fellow classmates. For the actually school work I would focus on what the students want to learn about. Since I want to teach High School, all of my students will have the basics down so this way we can focus more about what interest them so they can strive and enjoy their time at my school.

Virtual Choir

In Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir- "Lux Aurumque" there are a choir of people who have never met before and get together online and perform. It is absolutely amazing to think that a group of 185 people who have never met can be broad casted together singing a song for 6 minutes and sound really good. This was kind of a shock to realize that something like this can be done on the Internet and turn out amazing. It really makes me strongly believe that technology is definitely the way of the future, and if people can do something like this now imagine what they can do 10 years from now. He goes on NPR and explains how and why he created a virtual choir How to make a virtual choir. In this interview he talks about the "Lux Aurumque" video and he also talks about the reason it is so intriguing is because it consists of hundreds of people who are alone but are somehow alone together.

Teaching in The 21st Century

In Teaching in The 21st Century, created by Kevin Roberts and then edited by John Strange, It asks a lot of questions about old teaching methods and how they are going to teach new generations about new advancements. I think the video brings up some valid points, especially about using technology to not only entertain but to engage. By asking students things that they are interested in, such as vacation spots, and then asking them to use viable resources to explain why other people should be interested as well. I think the main point that the video is trying to get across is that we need to use technological tools as a form to engage students not only to entertain them. 

I think these views will affect my teaching by allowing me to realize the importance that students use this technology to, not only play but learn. The video suggests that you make kids research relative material, such as how to lose weight. Now granite this might not be interesting to every student but it will be to some. Or have kids research the best jobs, and then explain why those are the best. These two examples are perfect because it engages the students to learn, what will be best for them in the future, or even now. So I think the video changed my views by allowing me to recognize that I need to assign tasks that will be useful to my students future, and that they will want to learn about. 

Flipped Classrooms

I think flipping the classroom is a terrific idea. This way the students will learn from their homework instead of just reviewing what they learned earlier. The principle behind flipping allows teachers to teach while the students are at home so that when they meet in the classroom they will be able to talk about strategies to tackle tough problems and any specific questions the students have. Also another perk of flipping a classroom is that every student can learn at their own pace. This way if one student is falling behind in lecture the teacher doesn't have to stop lecturing and catch everyone up to speed. 

When I have my classroom I will definitely push for a flipped classroom approach. This way all of my students will learn how to engage with the material I assign and have questions and comments during the school day. I will also try and flip my classroom because it allows the student's parents to know exactly what I will be teaching in my class. I recommend flipping for everyone, and if anyone wants more information here is Flipping 101 with Fizz.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Post #4

Podcast Symbol

The first LangWitches page I read was 1st Graders Create Their Own Read-Along Audio book. In the blog post Ms. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano writes about how herself and the first grade teacher created a script for the kids to read and record, to create their own audio book. As they did this they saw how enthusiastic the kids were being about being able to hear their own voice reading to them as they followed along in their book. I thought a neat part of the experience that she writes about is how the kids started trying to change their speed, volume and inflection as they read. I also like the fact that the kids wanted to keep recording until they got their voices just right. By doing these audio books Ms. Tolisano got her kids excited about learning to read and use technology while they do it. I think this was a fantastic strategy because reading is one of the hardest things to get kids to want to do. Ms. Tolisano got the kids excited about reading and was teaching them the importance of technology too. I think that when I become an English teacher that I will make my students do this as well. This way I can incorporate teaching them how to use technology and hopefully letting them learn how much fun reading can be.   

In LangWitches- Podcasting in the First Grade by Ms Tolisano, It was about 1st graders again. The reason I found so much interest in the 1st graders was because if students are able to get excited about learning as early as first grade then it sets them up for success for the rest of their lives. On this blog post one again Ms. Tolisano is able to get the first graders excited about reading and learning how to use the Internet. She recorded her students acting out an interview as the two main characters in the book they were reading. The thing that I thought was amazing about the results was that this helped get all of the students involved. Ms. Tolisano explains that the shy kids were bursting out of their shells and gaining respect from the other students. I thought this was extremely important, because going to school teaches valuable social skills. That's why when I heard that the Podcasting boosted students confidence, I automatically became a fan. The kids were so excited about being out on the Internet, and getting their voices heard that they not only wanted to learn, but actually enjoyed it. 

In The Benefits Of Podcasting In The Classroom by Joe Dale there is a video that is extremely helpful when it comes to Podcasting. He explains that Podcasting is an effective way to teach the "Millennial" generation, someone born after 1980, because it involves technology. Which is an extremely valid point, that someone who was born after 1980 has always had some sort of technology whether it is cell phones, computers, or IPads. He also explains how it creates creativity in students, by allowing them to Podcast about something they like. A big thing that was brought up is it allows students who are absent a lot to be able to stay on track with the rest of the class. Which I thought was huge because I would hate having to wait on one or two students to catch up. Another great perk that this link points out is that with Podcasts it allows parents to keep up with the material as well as the students. So if their student if falling behind or if the parent wants to know what is being taught, Podcasts make it simple. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

C4T #1

The words flip your classroom
Summary of my teacher #1

In my C4T assignment, I was assigned to a teacher named Amanda Ooten, and her blog title is called Science Teaching for the Future. In her most recent blog she is describing the progress of how her flipped classroom project is going. The flipped classroom method is where students do homework in class and watch the lectures at home. Mrs. Ooten says that the progress is fantastic and recommends that teachers try it out. Also in her blog she is asking for advice on how to receive grants, because her main focus now is trying to get to a 1.1 ratio. Which means that for every one student in the class she wants to have on Google chrome book. She also states that she is now teaching AP biology and is working on a lesson plan that will apply for advanced classes as well as regular classes. Finally in her blog post she describes why her YouTube videos were taken off of YouTube. She explains that her videos were taken off because she used Pearson products in her video, and Pearson made her take them down. So she warns all flippers out there to not use textbook images :).

Summary of my comment #1

I commented on Mrs. Ooten's blog pretty much saying that I enjoyed learning the whole concept behind the "flipping of the classroom". I also touched on the fact that the reason I think other educators should use the "flipping" strategy because of the percent of students who have started passing. After the "flipping" strategy was put in place a higher percent of students started passing classes and ultimately graduating. Finally I just said how I wish that she would post more because her last post was written on February 22, 2012.

Summary of my teacher #2

Unfortunately Mrs. Ooten has not had time to publish a new post, so I had to go to her previous one. In this blog post Mrs. Ooten talks about what is going on in her flipped classroom. She explains that when she first started her flipped classroom that she decided to flip it 100%. She then explains about how that was to much work for the students to comprehend. That even though the students should learn on their own, they still need to have some stuff taught to them. After she changed her plan to only flip her class 50% of the way she saw a major improvement, not only in learning but in study habits as well. She explains how more students would stay after class or come in early for more one on one lessons. She even found out that her students were joining together on the weekends for group study sessions. She finished by saying that this strategy works for her, because she wants to do this. However, it might not work for other teachers as well as the methods they are already using. Mrs. Ooten all-in-all just wants kids to understand that it is their class not hers.

Summary of my comment #2

In my comment I told Mrs. Ooten that i really liked that fact that she saw her own mistakes, and instead of blaming the kids she changed to help them. I also told her that I liked the fact that she understood that just because flipping a classroom works for her doesn't mean that it will work for everyone. Then I stated that most people today are looking for a one correct answer, while in fact there are many of answers, you just have to choose the one that works for you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Post #1

A man taken hostage by Cell Phones

When I looked up the differences in the population size between India, China, and the United States honestly, I was kind of shocked. I knew that China and India had more people than the United States but I didn't realize how much more. The statistics that WolframAlpha have are based on 2010 records, but in 2010 for every 1 person in the United States, China has 4.39 and India has 3.93. Another interesting fact that I learned was that even though they might have more people the United States citizens live longer. Based on the evidence every Chinese person has an average lifespan of 73.5 years, India's is 69.9 years, and the United States is 78.1 years. (Based on 2009) I'm glad that we were assigned this website because I feel like it will make collecting facts easier. 

This got me thinking since I now know how many people are in the United States I decide to look up how many females there are and how many males, and I found out some interesting stuff. It turns out that according to 2010 that there are more females in the United States then males. Females outnumber males 154.6 million to 149.4 million, however from the ages of 0 to 17 males out number females 37.89 million to 36.15 million. This got me thinking that females must live longer than males in the United States so that was my next question. This gave me the results that in 2009 males live an average of 75.65 years while females live an average of 80.65 years. I was kind of surprised when I found out that on average females live five years longer than males, but it kind of makes since. 

I definitely think that WolframAlpha is a solid website to teach students how to use. It is a credible source for information about any fact that a student could need in writing a paper. I also think that it is a good website for teachers to use as well. One thing I want to bring into my classroom is telling my students random facts. With WolframAlpha this makes doing something as simple as this even simpler. I also think teachers could use this website to look up facts on any presentation that a teacher would need to present and get related facts as well. 

Social Media Count

Gary Hayes social media count is unreal! It is extremely interesting to look at it has everything you could want to know from how many Ipad's are sold every week, how much money the box office brings in every second, to how many World of Warcraft quests are started each year. The information definitely makes me reconsider how I am going to have to teach my classes. After reading this information I am positive that in the near future all kids will be learning on Ipads. Also that kids will be so overwhelmed by liking and commenting on Facebook or sending text messages that if I don't add some sort of technology to m teaching then there will be no way to reach my students.